Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Year Commitments

Looking to recommit to this tech blog... so what to expect from 2013


  1. looking forward to a new year with NFJS
  2. Poland YAY!  love Poland!
  3. JavaZone 2013 in Oslo
  4. UberConf 2013
that's what is scheduled currently

Blog Posts

I'm going try to post more frequently... and probably on themed subjects... are couple that come to mind:
  1. Lessons from clients:)  
  2. Tech Review or highlight of components / frameworks
If you have suggestions... please post.

Currently looking at writing a book on Spock as well... so we will see.

Technical Nugget

if you haven't noticed... take a look at asciidoc and asciidoctor.   All my tech writings and book will be written in asciidoc this year :)  In addition to all readme files on github, thanks to the githubbers and Dan Allen!

Predictions for the year

Java 8 release YAY!
Mobile security will become an issue
Asciidoc takes over as the preferred markup

1 comment:

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