Wednesday, August 19, 2009

97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know

The book 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know put together by Barbee Davis is out, and worth picking up... why the magical 97? Apparently 101 was way over used... or perhaps Barbee couldn't get the last 4 in before it was time to publish :)

This book has some great insights from a number of sources, which is a huge value add to any project manager or senior developer. This is the top advice from experts in the field around team building, running a software project, and generally how to herd cats.

Most books in this space are limited to the experience of the author and his/her circle of influence. The beautiful part of this book, is the fact that Barbee has captured the most interesting and important tid bits stories of success and failures of software projects from a large sample of project managers and developers each providing a view from different industry verticals.

Well done Barbee!