Friday, November 27, 2009

Syntax Highlighting on Blogspot

I've been very interested in providing some syntax highlighting in my blog posts, which I've been slow in general getting out... ( I have 6 or so queued up ). I finally found something I like and thought I would share the love. Special thanks to @ecounysis on twitter from whom I made this discovery. There are no excuses for my future posts... they will all have nice highlighting and be more easily copied (via the clipboard feature).

The place to start is:

From there you'll see the link to:

One important thing to note for those on blogger / blogspot. The initial update of the head tag didn't take for me. The solution for me was to add the highlighting entries at the tail end of head, just prior to the closing tag.

In addition to many of the bundled options... I've added F# and Objective-C from undermyhat.