Friday, October 3, 2008

Writing a Spring 3 Book

I'm looking at writing a book on Spring 3. Yes... I know, it doesn't exist yet. My expectation is it should have a likeness to Spring 2.5, which is also lacking in good printed materials. With this assumption, I'm looking to get a head start now and refactor based on actual delivery of product.

If you have some ideas or thoughts... please share. At this point, My goal is not to cover what is already out there. I'm focused on the new approach of annotated development.

I'm also thinking of taking this book and writing a Spring.Net book to follow... Perhaps I will change my mind as I go through the new experience of the first book.


Freekeswar said...

Try to cover topics like Spring + ORM integration, Spring + other MVC frameworks integration in more detail.


00Piano said...

any progress?
i'm sure you could earn a very good reputation carrying out such an endeavour.

Yosif said...

Still no Spring 3.0 book ... I had to red an old 2.5 book and the 3.0 reference, but annotatians are still hardly covered