Monday, October 20, 2008

Favorite Development Tools of 2008

  1. Mac
  2. TextMate - What a great tool! Reason enough to own a Mac.
  3. Intellij - Version 8 is looking good.
  4. Groovy - This is becoming my favorite tool.
  5. Grails
  6. git - It is replacing cvs and subversion.
  7. gradle - replacing ant and maven
  8. hudson - looking to see if it replaces cruise control.
  9. Fusion - developing C# is more fun on a Mac.
  10. Spring 2.5 MVC - If you can't do Grails... this is the way to do it.
Tools I'm looking forward to in 2009
  1. Clojure - Interesting Language... I know very little at this point.
  2. F# - Probably the most interesting language on the .Net platform.
  3. Spring 3 and what I call ADD or Annotated Driven Development :)
Tools That need some TLC
  1. I would like to see a refresh on xplanner - This would be a great candidate for Grails.

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Tyson Weihs said...


I'm enjoying paging through your blog. I about spit my drink all over the screen when I read "yak-shaving", my new favorite phrase.

Keep the shiny side up.