Thursday, February 19, 2009

Speaking on the NFJS Tour 2009

I will be speaking at a number of shows with NFJS this year. Already scheduled is Milwaukee, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Boston, Seattle. I will likely be at Omaha, Atlanta, Denver, Columbus, and Raliegh. That's just the first several months :).

It is always around this time of the year I like to revisit my goals. Commitment comes easy around January of a new year. Around mid to end of Feb, is a good time to check to see which goals you are seriously committed to. One commitment, I've maintained for several years is a commitment to learning and a commitment to excellence. This is easier when surrounded with like-minded and committed individuals who help to hold you accountable. It isn't always easy... just worth it. That is one of the reasons I love NFJS. The caliber of the speakers are top notch and world class.

For some the economy will be a an easy excuse to not attend. Or perhaps an employer will not pay for it this year. What is clear to me is those with the skills and the networks will find it easiest to find the next opportunity. This is the time to pick up new skills. As a local venue, no show makes it easier or less expensive than NFJS.

See you there !


Kevin said...

No Minnesota?? :(

Ken Sipe said...

My bad... I'm in Minneapolis.

刘利 said...

I like to make friends with you,haha.

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