Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spring JavaScript

I'm sitting in Keith's Talk @ NFJS Orlando on Spring JavaScript . I've worked with a lot of the spring framework on varies projects over time. I have not until now had a chance to look at what SpringSource was doing with JavaScript. This is great technology which desires some blog time in the future.

There is an underlying theme in the approach Keith is describing which I really like. The concept is a design approach where ajax provides value-add to a client which allows for javascript. Yet the application still functions without it.

Impressions from a one hour guided tour. Things I liked:
  1. Choice of dojo as the underlying framework
  2. Design approach
  3. Use of Tiles
  4. Leveraging of yahoo performance rules for script compression and optimization
Things to look forward to:
  1. Binding of multiple decorations to the same html element
  2. Closer look at Spring's CSS Framework
Great example application was demo to show off spring capabilites... but it is actually a very useful application reporting dependencies of osgi bundles. Take a look:

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